The Real Thing but made for Humans YEAR



Photography, retouch, art direction

Visual artefact to illustrate my bachelor thesis.


The core finding of my thesis "The Real Thing but made for Humans: Brand Authenticity in Coca-Cola and Oatly" is that Coca Cola and Oatly, two brands that appear to be very different, symbolise something authentic to their consumers. The design artefact aims at showing that brands are not always what they appear to be and that brand authenticity is a complex subject.

I shot photographs that I used to design a series of posters using the advertising codes of Coca-Cola and Oatly to compliment the part of the analysis of the thesis built around their advertising techniques.

The images on the posters are detrournements of Coca-Cola and Oatly adverts. The situationist movement and especially the magazine Adbusters was the main inspiration in the making of the images. I wanted to channel their ability to disturb the perception of the spectators through parodies of famous adverts. The bottle of Coca-Cola is full of oats milk and vice versa. The slogans on the posters all come from the two brands. The fonts are similar to the ones used by the brands in their own adverts in order for the posters to have a familiar feeling. The aim of the project is to present both case-studies and question the notion of authenticity.